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The court minstrels played a lively tune at the palace ball. The captain of the guard found a dance partner in Cyrilla, who danced as though the wind itself carried her. When the music stopped, he bowed respectfully and walked away with a smile. She walked away with his coin purse and the keys to the dungeon.

Agility represents a character's physical reflexes and dexterity. In layman's terms, it is how fast and flexible someone is.

This stat comes into play during combat when dodging obstacles or blows, juggling knives, leaping a chasm, and depriving others of their wallets.

A character who is agile doesn't necessarily have to be small and lithe. A huge character that is fast with sharp reflexes is frightening indeed.

Characters with poor Agility scores are oafs: clumsy, slow, arthritic, and rigid. Characters with good Agility scores move fluidly: they're quick, graceful, and balanced.

Examples of highly agile folks include circus acrobats, contortionists, and cheetahs.