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This spell has a warding essence
This spell can be powered by any element
This is a sound spell
Rarity 1
AP 4
Target Area
Distance Near
Lasts One day per rank

The mage makes a bargain with a minor elemental to keep watch over a place for a brief time. Any sentient creature who enters the alarmed area with a Disposition of neutral or worse towards the mage trips the alarm. When the mage and the elemental make their agreement, they also decide on the means of notification; the elemental may notify the mage about intruders telepathically, leaving the warded location and notifying the mage in person, or by making a loud noise at the location being watched. As long as the spell is in effect, the elemental continues to report intrusions. The size of the alarmed area is dependent on the Intensity.

When learning this spell, the mage must choose the specific element that is used when cast. A mage can learn this spell in different elemental schools, but must buy Spell skill ranks in each.

Intensity Effects

  1. 10 foot radius (room)
  2. 25 foot radius (campsite)
  3. 50 foot radius (house)
  4. 100 foot radius (mansion)
  5. 300 foot radius (fortress)