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This spell has a unknown essence
This is a charm spell
Rarity 1
AP 4
Target Creatures
Distance Contact
Lasts Ten minutes/school rank
SaveMind Control Save

Simply put, this spell awakens in the target touched a severe case of the hornies. The spell instills in the caster an arcane energy which arouses potential lovers. All the caster needs do is touch them and instill them with the energy. Persons touched by accident will not be subject to the spell. Those who have been successfully seduced will lust after the caster and will attempt to do whatever it takes to gain their favor and bedspace. Because love and lust are such driving forces, each seduced target gets a +5 to all rolls that bring them further towards their goal of the caster. The number of persons able to be touched is dependent on spell level.

Intensity Effects

  1. One creature
  2. Two creatures
  3. Three creatures
  4. Five creatures
  5. Ten creatures