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PinUp.svg This rule is pretty sexy and doesn't need any attention. Consider it good to go.
This spell has a dynamic essence
This is a verdance spell
This is a sound spell
Rarity 1
AP 4
Target Area
Distance Near
Lasts One minute per school rank

Crank it up! The mage sends magical energy into the actual sound waves coming out of an object or area, in effect reaching in and pumping up the volume. This effect doesn't cause the sound to be any louder, instead it increases the distance the sound can cover. This spell is cast on an area, and covers a radius of 5 feet per school rank. It can be centered on a creature or object, and wherever the center goes, the Amplified effects go with it. The effect of this spell is that any Perception checks made to hear the sounds are at a reduced difficulty (so in effect, some distance penalties are removed).

Intensity Effects

  1. Perception DL −2
  2. Perception DL −4
  3. Perception DL −6
  4. Perception DL −8
  5. Perception DL −10