Angel on Your Shoulder

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Mental Fault

Expoint Bonus: 2

You always know the difference between right and wrong, and no matter how much you might wish otherwise, a distracting little voice in the back of your mind scolds you when you go for "wrong." Anytime you act in a manner which could be considered "wrong," "bad," "evil," or frowned upon, you must make a Virtue check of 15 or perform the task at −2 penalty. If, as a player, you lack a well-developed conscience, the GM can fill you in, but "wrong" typically has to do with breaking major laws or social norms for your race or culture. The real intent of this fault is to place limits on a character's behavior. Different races may have some separate and opposite moral viewpoints.

Incompatible with

Beyond Good and Evil, Perspective, and Pickpocket