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Long ago, the apsarava (singular: apsarava, adjectival: apsaravan) were created by Deniss the Beautiful as a dark mockery of the Vidari. They are said to have been cast from her blood. They are sensual, clever, and persuasive.


Apsarava have violet or blue skin, and with dark black or purple hair. They have slightly pointed ears, and their eyes come in shades of purple and amber. An apsarava begins maturing around age 15 and is considered an adult by age 25. They live for many human lifetimes, often 200 or 300 years.


The apsarava are about the same height and weight as humans, which makes them Size 0.


Apsarava are often found wearing blacks and grays, favoring cloaks and robes of silky materials. Adventurers and soldiers are known to favor lighter armor. Many apsarava wear jewelry made of dark stones like amethyst or onyx. Apsarava are proud of their appearance and tend to keep healthy and adorn themselves with fine clothes and jewelry.


Apsarava are very clever and stealthy. The immortal Deniss holds dominion over lust and betrayal, and so true to their maker, apsarava tend to seek out pleasure and generally lack commitment. Being creatures of passion, apsarava can be rash, judgmental, vengeful, and quick to anger, but they can also be quick to forgive and frequently give in to their desires. They seek out the pleasures that life has to offer, but most apsarava look down on addiction to specific vices. An apsarava won't be found hogging all the fun; they're often excited to share joy with their friends — "Oh, man. You've gotta try this!"


Since apsarava have no established countries, they typically live among other races who would have their company. They can be found in most countries except the domain of the evengar. Some apsarava hot spots are Zirien, the Cerryn Islands, and Helvaras.

An apsarava will surround himself with anything he enjoys: comfortable furnishings, attractive pieces of art, delicious food and drink. They take to city life well, and given the means, tend to build and decorate their homes to impress the eye.


Going hand-in-hand with their pursuit of the pleasures in life, apsarava delight in seasoned and flavorful food. They enjoy dishes with hot spices or zesty herbs, which are often way too powerful for others.


Apsarava in the present age have no land to call home. Occasionally, apsarava may set up a secluded village and keep quiet, enjoying the pleasures of life in a peaceful setting. Legends tell of once-great apsaravan empires, but none stand to this day.

Apsarava generally subscribe to a life of ethical hedonism. Most strive first and foremost to keep themselves and the ones they love happy. Apsarava will take lovers, but they rarely marry, given a general skepticism of monogamy, and that many lack a permanent residence. When they do, it is usually with another race, for it is rare to find two apsarava capable of deep, committed love. When given the choice, an apsarava prefers to observe a death by funeral pyre, or burial at sea; whichever causes the least pain and is most easily performed.


Apsaravan is rarely spoken today. It is written in its own alphabet, which is a cursive script. The spoken language is smooth and soft. Only very old books and places would have text written Old Apsaravan.


Apsarava make great traveling companions, but they're sometimes mislabeled as hedonistic. Relationships with evengar are usually out of the question — the apsarava see the evengar as rigid, hateful, and arrogant, and the evengar view the apsarava as immoral lechers without honor — but in some circumstances friendships have come to take root between the two. Apsarava can get along very well with most other races, but tend to see kulgeris as unfeeling. Firnoy won't play cards with apsarava because they're just too darn good at Bluffing.


According to legend, Deniss created the lustful apsarava as a mockery of the loving vidari. They make excellent company, so in line with this, apsarava make excellent courtesans, ambassadors, and entertainers. An apsarava's keen mind and stealthiness would make him a perfect assassin, spy, scout, or ranger. In fact, many apsarava fill the ranks of the Band of the Fox and the Shadow Talons.

In his free time, an apsarava might dabble as a sorcerer or mercenary. They possess a glib tongue and many dabble in Compulsions and Illusions.


Motivations for an apsarava could include something lofty and grand (defeating an evengar army, finding ancient magic in the Castle Shyvyr) or simple (finding acceptance, locating your lost father).

Max Caps


  • Born to Shag. The apsarava were created by the immortal of lust. As a result, they receive a +3 to Seduce checks to entice their quarry. This works just as well for flirting as it does for bribery.
  • To Thine Own Self Be True. The apsarava delight in rich stimulation of the senses, and so they can pick out false sensory input pretty easily. They receive +2 to Lucidity checks.
  • Through Their Teeth. Apsarava possess an extraordinary ability to fib convincingly, receiving a +2 to Bluff checks.
  • Veil of Shadow. If you can count on anybody to win Hide and Seek, it's an apsarava, for they gain a +2 to Stealth checks.