Awaken Tree

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This spell has a dynamic essence
This is a verdance spell
This is a water spell
Rarity 3
AP 4
Target Object (plant)
Distance Near
Lasts One minute per rank

This spell infuses a woody plant with the power of motion, converting it into a mindless servant. For the duration of the spell, you must grasp a small clipping of the plant (e.g. a leaf, petal, or twig) which allows you to direct the plant at will to perform any manual task. “Crush anyone that passes!” “Grab the man!” “Throw me that way!” “Pull me up there!” You can even command it to uproot itself and shamble away. It can be used to carry, hold, attack, or defend. When the magic expires, the plant returns to its inanimate state. If you've commanded it to do anything that threaten its life (like uprooting itself without replanting), it will surely die thereafter.

Your all-natural organic servant is a plantlike creature that permanently gains the blinded, deafened, mindless, muted, and unfeeling conditions. It can sense only through touch (e.g. vibration, heat). During combat, it acts on your turn in the Reaction order. It has 1 point in all attributes. It gains as many ranks in the Hand-to-hand weapon skill as you have in the elemental skill used to cast; it otherwise has no other skill ranks. The durability and impact force of an awakened plant vary, so the tougher its bark, the higher its armor score and hand-to-hand damage. The Size of the plant to which you can impart motion depends on the intensity.

Intensity Effects

  1. Size −2 and below
  2. Size 0 and below
  3. Size 2 and below
  4. Size 4 and below
  5. Size 6 and below