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This spell has a compulsory essence
This is a fire spell
This is a sound spell
Rarity 1
AP 4
Target Creature
Distance Near
Lasts One hour per rank

Using the flames of passion to pull on the hearts of other creatures, the mage ensnares a target in a deep enchantment. This spell makes those affected by it think fondly and warmly of another creature named by the caster (including himself). Their attitude improves notably — each level of Intensity of this spell improves the target's Disposition by one additional level.

As a Spellsong, this spell is known as Song of the Sirens.

Intensity Effects

  1. Moves the target up one Disposition
  2. Moves the target up two Dispositions
  3. Moves the target up three Dispositions
  4. Moves the target up four Dispositions
  5. Moves the target up five Dispositions