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Typically used with: Persuasion.

In short: lie. Apart from the Thievery skill, Bluff is the only thing that can help you weasel out of a situation. Used to mislead or deceive other characters for many purposes including passage ("I'm the emperor, you fool! Let me pass!"), false innocence ("It was like that when I got here"), or boasting ("So I'm dating the princess"). You can use Bluff to Feint in combat (see the combat chapter) or to disguise the contents of a conversation from nearby listeners.


Bluff checks have no set difficulty, as they're always opposed by a Discern check, however, completely outrageous fibs should allow the character or NPC discerning a bonus to the Discern check.

Example Check
It's a stretch. (Saying to a police officer "I realize it's illegal, but I was just holding it for that old man over there.") +2
Unbelievable. (Telling the bartender "Oh, my tab? I already paid it.") +4
Inconceivable. ("I did not have sexual relations with that woman.") +6
Absurdly preposterous. (Saying "I'm the sheriff around these parts" to the sheriff around those parts) +8

Opposed Rolls

Bluff checks are opposed by a Discern check.


Bluff attempts cannot be retried without spending a fate point (fool me once…); however, the character can try a different Bluff on the same subject (fool me twice…).