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Here is a link to a medieval price list.

New Weapon Categories/Skill Groups

I've made a preliminary attempt to categorize weapons by their combat style, so that weapons of roughly similar uses could be used reasonably interchangeably (as always, subject to GM approval). Some weapons are unique enough that nothing else functions in the same way, and have their own categories.

Also note that I think the Repeater/Revolver is too advanced for the tech levels of Gaeis and Halestia at present and should be saved for "future" settings.

  • Hand to Hand (Unarmed, Cestus/Knuckles, Punch Dagger, Claws),
  • Daggers (Dagger, Parrying Dagger/Sai, Stiletto, Dirk),
  • One-handed Straight Swords (Short Sword, Broadsword, Longsword, Katana),
  • Two-handed Straight Swords (Bastard Sword, Greatsword, Nodachi),
  • Curved Swords (Kama/Sickle, Khopesh, Scimitar, Falchion),
  • Fencing Swords (Rapier, Saber, Cutlass),
  • Spears (Javelin, Infantry Spear, Pitchfork, Trident, Broadspear, Boar Spear, Pike),
  • Polearms (Quarterstaff, Halberd, Glaive, Scythe),
  • One-handed Bludgeons (Club, Warhammer, Mace, Morningstar),
  • Two-handed Bludgeons (Sledgehammer, Flail, Maul),
  • One-handed Axes (Throwing Axe/Tomahawk, Hatchet/Hand Axe, Berserker Axe),
  • Two-handed Axes (Pickaxe, War Axe, Executioner/Great Axe),
  • Chains (Ball and chain, Kusari-gama),
  • Bows (Short bow, Longbow),
  • Crossbows (Hand crossbow, Crossbow, Heavy Crossbow, Repeating Crossbow),
  • Firearms (Flint Pistol, Flint Rifle),
  • Thrown (Dart, Shuriken, Chakram, Boomerang/Throwing Stick, Throwing Knife, any weapon when thrown),
  • Sling,
  • Lance,
  • Net,
  • Whips (Bullwhip, Studded/Spiked Whip),
  • Sap,
  • Blowgun.

Tinscarecrow 14:33, 27 January 2012 (EST)

Love it. All for it. Dusty had some similar ideas on the equipment list. I'm not sure he would agree that revolvers are too advanced for Otherworld, his list is pretty detailed. Also, I think firearms should be split into one-handed (pistols, revolvers), and two-handed (muskets, rifles, shotguns, grenade launchers). ―Double Compile 10:00, 1 February 2012 (EST)