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You can use Spellcards crafted by a Spellcard Artist.

Spells that have no target listed can be used with no check; their effects simply happen. For spells that have a target of area, the GM must make a DL appropriate for where you want to throw a card, given the environmental effects (e.g. wind). For spells that have a target of creature, make an Attack Roll using your ranks in Weapon (Card). Your foe makes a Dodge or Parry. If successful, you physically slap the card against your foe or ally (on their forehead or back), but this attack deals no damage.

One a creature is stuck with a card, it is automatically subject to the contained effects. It takes 2 Action Points and a Might check of 15 to pry off a card (it also takes an Gymnastics check of 12 to reach one on your back).

Once the spell duration is elapsed (found in the spell description), the card fizzles out of existence.


A minimum Intellect of 5


1. Card Apprentice

3 points

You've practiced with Spellcards and know just how to use them effectively in battle. You can activate one card at a time with no problem.

2. Card Novice

6 points

Through enough study and dedication, you've achieved the ability to activate two cards simultaneously.

3. Card Adept

9 points

With intense training and pouring through forgotten knowledge, you've figured out how the old masters could use three cards at once.

4. Card Master

12 points

Through no small feat, you've searched high and low for rare Spellcard lore, and devoted the attention to perfect your timing. As a result, you can trigger four cards together.

5. Card Legend

15 points

Like the ancients who invented the craft of Spellcards, you've achieved the wisdom few can find, but many covet – how to make five cards release their spells collectively.