Carve - Earth

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This spell has a unknown essence
This is a earth spell
Rarity 1
AP 4
Target Object (stone/earth)
Distance contact
Lasts Permanent

Especially useful to Runesmiths, this spell allows the mage to perfectly inscribe words or runes deeply and clearly into stone or earthen surfaces. Messages can be left impromptu for comrades to find, and warnings can be permanently etched into hard surfaces.

Intensity Effects

  1. One word or non-magical symbol can be inscribed.
  2. A simple sentence can be left.
  3. A Rune can be inscribed.
  4. As complex a message as the caster desires can be left, and will be legible to anyone, regardless of language.
  5. Any message or Rune can be left, and that message will be readable to all intended audiences, regardless of language. The message is enchanted so that only the persons the caster desires can read it.