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At character creation, the mage must choose an Attribute to be tied to their spellcasting talent; this is called the Casting Attribute. By default, a character uses Intellect, but it could be any of the 12 attributes listed on the character sheet at the player's option. The Casting Attribute not only influences the rolls to cast spells, it also determines the character's starting MP total.

Choosing a Casting Attribute has as much storytelling potential as it does game-play potential. Each Attribute grants an interesting and unique ability and describes the style with which a mage casts spells. The Attributes and their effects are as follows.

Aggressive, forceful, and relies upon physicality and raw power. Able to cast using only gestural elements; requires no incantation for spells.
Quick, fluid, and tough to pin down. If the caster successfully dodges an attack spell, he gets +4 on his next Attack Spell.
Steadfast, sturdy, and skilled at manipulating the flow of life energy. Channeling Health into Mana has no Fate cost.
Studious, scholarly, and well-versed in recognizing and responding to the arcane. When this character makes a successful Counterspell, his opponent takes the difference in opposed rolls as Damage.
Intuitive, sensitive, and adept at unraveling negative magic. When this character makes a successful Dispel, she receives Mana equal to the original casting cost of the nullified spell.
Devious, pragmatic, and excels at knowing the odds. Can identify other mages and their Casting Attributes on sight.
Confident, personable, and at home addressing large groups. +2 bonus to Casting roll against multiple targets.
Glib, loquacious, and especially effective one-on-one. +2 bonus to Casting roll against a single target.
Charismatic, glamorous, and mesmeric. Able to cast using only incantations; requires no gestural component for spells.
Selfless, protective, and skilled at mystically defending others. Can Counterspell spells targeted at allies, not just themselves.
Iron-willed, unflappable, and projects an aura of unbreakable resolve. Nearby allies may use this mage's Saving rolls against harmful magic instead of their own.
Disciplined, meditative, and trained to turn mystic energies inwards. May channel MP into HP at the cost of 1:5.