Chaos Knight

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Supernatural Fault

Expoint Bonus: 7

An ancient maxim oft-repeated across Jaeis follows: "When venturing into the shadows, straining your eyes to pierce the gloom, know that the darkness has eyes of its own… and beware that their gaze does not fall across you." Those that have been touched by that gaze are known as Chaos Knights.

As a Chaos Knight, you believe that forces greater than yourself have marked you to serve their ends, and those ends are black and terrible indeed. You may revel in the license this grants you to pillage and burn, or you may struggle to retain your soul in despair, looking around you and seeing that all living things must go into dust, their beautiful works ruined and forgotten. Regardless, deep within, you know that all roads lead into the heart of an immense blackness that knows no mercy, no joy, and no hope. You feel disdain or pity for those who struggle to do good, willfully blind to the true nature of this world, and all worlds.

In game terms, you gain a +1 bonus to Taunt and Intimidate rolls once others realize your alignment, and your actions will certainly earn you much hate and fear from everyone besides other Chaos Knights and like-minded individuals. Your Bluff, Disguise, and Negotiate checks receive a −2 penalty. You may neither ascribe to nor support any causes except those whose end results are chaotic in nature — essentially, mayhem, bloodshed, and death. You are Hunted by the forces of justice, and other Chaos Knights recognize you instantly. Further, you are attuned to the ever-destructive will of Entropy, in whatever forms it assumes. In any situation where you are offered alternatives whose results will be distinctly "good" or "evil," you must always choose "evil" — if you are uncertain which paths are evil, the GM will tell you. You may only act against the pull of Entropy by making a personal sacrifice of tremendous proportions — only an incredible act of courage and willpower can change the course of your destiny, and even then, your reward for defying your dark masters will likely be horrible, indeed.

An Attack Restriction could cause some interesting conflict while Aura of Decay is an excellent companion to this fault. A Chaos Knight who attempts to redeem himself and survives will immediately become Hunted by his former allies.

Incompatible with

Perspective, Soft Hearted, Pacifist, Peacemaker, Gift of Nature, Beyond Good and Evil, Called, Fallen.


Devil on Your Shoulder and Hunted