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Throwing caution to the wind, you can take up arms and run full-speed at an opponent, using the additional momentum to deal extra damage. You must move a minimum of 10 feet; a character can't charge to attack an opponent that's directly adjacent. When you announce a charge, you move during your attack. You may only charge once per turn, and you may only use a melee weapon.

For example, Michelle's character Skorna wants to charge at her foe. Using her war axe takes 5 AP, so with a speed of 10, she can run up to 50 feet during her attack.

Charging adds +2 to the Damage Roll. Since you're focusing on moving and not protecting yourself during a charge, you take a −2 penalty to Evasion Rolls.

Instead of attacking at the end of the charge, a character can attempt to Slam or Trip the defender (see the Slamming and Tripping sections below). The +2 bonus normally granted to the Damage Roll can instead be applied to the Might check.

Defending Against a Charge

If a defending character wields a polearm, she can attempt to parry the charge and deal damage. Using other weapons to parry a charge can potentially ward off the attack, but they deal no damage to the attacker. If the parry is successful (i.e. the Attack Roll is smaller than the Parry Roll) the defender can make a Damage Roll as if she had successfully attacked. Note that dealing damage in this manner does not require the defender to have the Counterattack Trump.

If a defending character with the Sidestep Trump manages to completely Dodge out of the way of a charge, she can make a free Trip attempt against the attacker.