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Physical Fault

Expoint Bonus: 8

Butterfingers. Fumblelina. They've called you that, among other things, ever since you were a kid, and they're right. Your failures always seem to create the most spectacularly counterproductive results. When you trip, stumble, or sneeze, it's sure to overturn priceless artifacts, awaken sleeping monsters, and bring guards running. Whenever you critically fail an attack roll or a skill check, and you don't pass the DL of the skill check, you take the difference as damage. You fail to pick a lock: you somehow manage to lodge the pick in your hand; you fail to climb a tree, you fall and stab your leg with a rock. Are you sure adventuring is the life for you?

Incompatible with

Artful Dodger, Catch Missile, Chameleon, Counterattack, Feline Balance, Hasty Reload, Missile Swat, Mounted Charge, Mounted Smite, Pickpocket, Quick Draw, Shadow Warrior, Sidestep, Speedy Reflexes, Spell Swat, Tech Medic, and the Weapon Savant Special Power. Practice any other Combat Trumps at the risk of your own limbs.