Conjure Ice

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This spell has a unknown essence
This is a conjuring spell
Rarity 1
AP 4
Target N/A
Distance Near
Lasts N/A
SaveSpell Defense

The mage calls upon the spirit of cold to deliver an amount of solid ice or packed snow. Depending on the environment, this can be used as a weapon. The matter materializes out of the ground, so it cannot be dropped on anyone. However, a block of ice can easily crush someone against an opposing surface. The ice or snow can be in whatever solid shape is desired, including a cube, a sphere, or a stalagmite. In the event this spell is used as an attack, any creatures that would be affected can make a Spell Defense roll to get out of the way. The ice used during the attack crumbles and evaporates immediately afterwards. An ice sickle deals piercing damage, and a block deals crushing damage.

Intensity Effects

  1. For warm drinks (1 cu. in.)
  2. A handy sled (2 cu. ft.), 10 damage
  3. Would make a sizable pointy object (5 cu. ft), 20 damage
  4. Block party (10 cu. ft.), 30 damage
  5. An ice ball to crush an army (20 cu. ft.), 40 damage