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It was more mist than creature, and it seemed to ooze from the open sarcophagus. The specter raised spindly digits and its mournful eyes seemed hollow. Gwen didn't run, in fact, her demeanor barely changed. She closed her eyes and recited a silent prayer. Her sword was readied in an instant. To grant such a spirit rest would be a great honor.

This one is self explanatory. Bravery, valor, morale, guts.

Courage helps in deciding initiative in combat, or if a character can react quickly enough to avoid some nasty pitfall. When a character comes up against something truly frightening or dangerous, their Courage will be tested to keep from running away or being paralyzed with fear. Courage can also help keep a character safe from vile curses and from the attacks of ghostly foes.

Characters with low Courage are cowardly, nervous, trembling shells of human beings, always afraid of what's around the next corner. A character with a high Courage score is heroic, tenacious, and laughs in the face of certain death.

Some who might be thought courageous are enlisted soldiers, firefighters, exorcists, and Thor.