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Mental Fault

Expoint Bonus: 8

You can't stand the sight of blood — well, yours, anyway. You take a −4 penalty on Guts rolls, and you likewise take a −1 penalty on all offensive combat actions. This is because your entire attention is devoted to protecting yourself from harm: you gain a +1 bonus to your Evasion Roll (your buddies can fend for themselves). In any combat situation, you will likely flee at the earliest opportunity. You must make a Guts check at DL 10 or spend your actions in combat running away/seeking safety. If you cannot escape, you will surrender. Combat-oriented or courageous characters who know of your cowardice will certainly lose respect for you.

Incompatible with

Hand-to-hand Combat, Blind-Fighting, Bodyguard, Bully, Brawler, Catch Missile, Counterattack, Daredevil, Destructive, Domino Strike, Driven, Dual Weapons, Duelist, Fearless, Foolhardy, Indomitable, Missile Swat, Momentum, Nimble Combatant, Real Hard Hitter, Roundhouse, Spell Swat, Stranglehold, Suplex, Swarm Fighter and With Me!. Also incompatible with the Special Powers Weapon Savant and Hands of Fate.