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Crouched on a thick tree bough, Akare lurked above the forest road, obscured by foliage. He sat motionless, waiting. A pair of soldiers on horseback trotted up the road. Akare wondered to himself if his quarry would be able to deliver any last words before his short swords found him. He smiled to himself, drew his swords, and dropped from the tree.

Ever hear of a villain in a story who was "cunning?" This means that person could seize opportunities and could decipher how to plot and scheme to make things work.

Cunning helps in aiming attacks during combat. Cunning can be used for hearing, seeing, or finding what others might not. Cunning allows you to leverage all the good hiding places.

A character with a poor Cunning score is oblivious, easily-surprised, and has to stare at those 3D optical illusions for hours. A character with a good Cunning score is a cognitive master who can identify important minutia at a glance, eavesdrop on distant conversations, and never loses his car keys.

Iago from Othello is one of the most cunning characters ever. Also numbered among the cunning are hunters, lawyers, and Loki.