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Typically used with: Muscle.

In short: book it. Sometimes in life, an all-powerful, monstrous creature looms up before us, and we're forced to turn tail and run to the hills. Other times, a nefarious foe has liberated you of your coin purse and you must pursue. The Dash skill is the weapon of choice for triathlon participants and cowards.

Any natural means of locomotion your character may employ, be it running, cycling, flying, or swimming is valid for Dashing.


Dash checks don't have any set difficulties. The result of a Dash check dictates the amount of time a character will take to close a distance. The higher the result, the shorter the time it will take to finish the distance. Below are some examples DLs for the amount of time it would take…

Example DL
…pretty much anyone to complete 5
…someone in average shape 10
…an athlete 20
…a world record holder 30

Keep in mind the world record speed for the hundred meter is around 10 m/s, and the record for the marathon is just over 5 m/s. In other words, if you roll a 30 on your Dash check, you're running like an Olympic champion, maybe better. We couldn't find any world records for human flight.

Opposed Rolls

If two characters are vying for first place in a race, or one character is running from another, opposed rolls are necessary. The character with the higher result is the fastest.