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Physical Fault

Expoint Bonus: 2/4/6

You bear the physical markings of genetic mutation, a growth disorder, an irregular birth, terrible burns, or other trauma. For two points you are considered Deformed. You possess a minor physical deformity which bothers those around you. Typical two point deformities would include an extra finger on your right hand, an iris with no pigment, or hugely crooked teeth.

For four points you are Twisted. Your appearance is disturbing and strange. Typical four point deformities would include a clawed hand, a hunched back, backwards kneecaps, the visage of the Phantom of the Opera, or a misshapen head.

For six points you are Monstrous. You resemble a bestial, inhuman thing, regardless of what purity and warmth lies within you, and people often run from you or attack you. Typical six point deformities would include leprosy, wild mutations, writhing tentacles sprouting from your body, fur and fangs, or the physique of the Elephant Man.

Depending on your type of Deformity, you suffer a −1, −2, or −3 to Seduce and Disguise checks.

Interesting combinations include Massive, Cursed, Owned, Hunted, Shady, etc.

Incompatible with

Attractive, Unremarkable, Everybodys Best Friend, and Girl/Guy Magnet. Some deformities make life difficult or impossible for a Contortionist.