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Typically used with: Presence.

In short: play dress-up. If a character wants to look like someone else, or at least not look like him or herself, the Disguise skill is a necessary tool. The super spy posing as the (recently, tragically, deceased) king, the undercover martial artist gathering secrets from a rival clan, and the minstrel taking place in a large-scale play all make use of the Disguise check to its fullest.


Disguise checks are always opposed by a Discern check. However, the following table lists situational bonuses and penalties to the Disguise check.

Situation Check
Different gender −2
Different race −4
Somewhat different weight/height −2
Vastly different weight/height −5
Employing a costuming kit with wigs, makeup, facial hair, etc. +5

Penalties and bonuses are cumulative. For example, a male human, 6 feet tall and 200 pounds, with a costuming kit, attempting to pass for a female vidara, 5 feet tall and 100 pounds, would take a −6 to Disguise.

When a character is disguised to look like a specific person, anyone making a Discern check who actually knows the person is granted bonuses to detect a disguise.

Example Check
A casual acquaintance +2
A friend +6
A lover or best friend +8

Opposed Rolls

Disguise checks are always opposed by a target's Discern check.


Disguise attempts cannot be retried without spending a fate point; however, the character can try a different disguise on the same subject.