Evasion Roll

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Any impending attack allows for either a Dodge or a Parry at the player's option (unless your character is somehow unable to move). If the attacker's Attack Roll is greater than the defender's Evasion Roll, the attack hits and damage is calculated.


A character who is quick on his or her feet can try to remove their person from the path of an opponent's attack. This is done with a normal Dodge skill check.

Dodge Roll
d10 + AGI + Dodge + Accuracy + Size


A character who may not be fleet of foot but is adept with a weapon can attempt to parry an attack out of the way.

Parry Roll
d10 + AGI + Weapon skill + Accuracy + Size

The defending character may use any accuracy-related bonuses. Some weapons grant a bonus when used to parry, and some actually present a penalty.