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This spell has a dynamic essence
This is a earth spell
Rarity 2
AP 4
Target Area
Distance Far
Lasts N/A

The mage calls on the tectonic stress of the earth beneath his feet and brings a rumble to the surface. This spell can only be cast on solid earth or stone footing. While the vibrations are not intense enough to collapse buildings or incite cave-ins, this spell is adept at knocking creatures on their backs. Any creature in the area incapable of staying balanced falls prone. If a creature receives a bonus to prevent from being tripped, that bonus is applicable when resisting this spell. Flying or hovering creatures are not affected by this spell (simply jumping in the air doesn't count, for the record). The size of the area affected is dependent on the Intensity.

Intensity Effects

  1. 5 ft radius
  2. 10 ft radius
  3. 15 ft radius
  4. 20 ft radius
  5. 25 ft radius