Easily Distracted

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Mental Fault

Expoint Bonus: 4

Pay attention! You are a scatterbrain and your mind is easily taken off tasks at hand. It takes you at least an extra half as long (perhaps even two or three times as long) to do something repetitive, tedious, menial, or requiring concentration (e.g. chores, reading a novel, math homework). You'll need to make a Lore check anytime you need to focus on a complex memory (e.g. your lines in a play, the combination to the padlock on your shed). You're very likely to leave your domicile without some needed object, and you're just as likely to forget to do something routine (did I lock the back door?). Therefore, your GM is granted the privilege to have you roll a Mind Control check (or roll one for you in secret) against a DL of 10. Failure indicates a forgotten object or task. Finally, you also take a −2 to Negotiate because many times you just can't remember the exact point you were trying to make during a… where was I?

Incompatible with

Chameleon and Photographic Memory.