Elemental Messenger

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This spell has a transportive essence
This spell can be powered by any element
Rarity 1
AP 4
Target N/A
Distance N/A
Lasts N/A

The mage makes contact with an elemental and has it deliver a message to a specific recipient. The means by which the elemental decides to deliver the message is entirely up to it — it could appear and deliver the message personally. The elementals usually behave in a way that characterizes the element they represent: a fire elemental may have the message appear written in flames, or an ice elemental may summon ice cubes to spell out the message. The mage can send one sentence per school rank in this manner. The amount of time it takes for the message to arrive is dependent on the Intensity.

A mage can cast this spell using any of the listed elements, but must buy Elemental Skill ranks in each. Every elemental school has a nickname for this spell.

This is a fire spell Smoke Signal This is a ice spell Morse Cold This is a earth spell Ear to the Ground
This is a air spell Whispering Wind This is a slime spell Slick Missive This is a metal spell Steelspeech
This is a electricity spell Live Wire This is a water spell Babbling Brook This is a verdance spell Life Line
This is a ruin spell Raze a Question This is a light spell Light Reading This is a dark spell Dark Secrets

Intensity Effects

  1. 1 hour
  2. 10 minutes
  3. 1 minute
  4. 1 round
  5. Immediately