Elemental Weaponry

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This spell has a dynamic essence
This spell can be powered by any element
Rarity 2
AP 4
Target Object (weapon)
Distance Contact
Lasts 2 rounds per rank

Using this spell, the mage can either augment an existing weapon with elemental properties, or conjure an elemental weapon from thin air. In the case of conjured weapons, the mage or anyone to whom the mage gives the weapon uses their Elemental skill ranks instead of the weapon type for Attack Rolls. This weapon counts as a magical attack, and is beyond the concepts of piercing, bludgeoning, or slashing. The weapon can be used one-handed, can be used to parry, and the wielder cannot be disarmed of it. The Harm score of the weapon is dependent on the Intensity. In the case of augmented weapons, the Harm score listed below is a bonus on top of the weapon's existing Harm score. In the case of ranged projectile weapons, the ammunition is affected and receives the bonus to damage.

A mage can cast this spell using any of the listed elements, but must buy Elemental Skill ranks in each. Every elemental school has a nickname for this spell.

This is a fire spell Firebrand This is a ice spell Frost Brand This is a earth spell Weapon of Earth
This is a air spell Weapon of Wind This is a slime spell Acid Armament This is a metal spell Weaponsmith
This is a electricity spell Lightning Brand This is a water spell Weapon of Water This is a verdance spell Thorny Brand
This is a ruin spell Weapon of Chaos This is a light spell Holy Brand This is a dark spell Unholy Brand

Intensity Effects

  1. Special. +2 Harm
  2. Magicked. +4 Harm
  3. Spellbound. +6 Harm
  4. Enchanted. +8 Harm
  5. Relic. +10 Harm