Elementals in Immortal Legacy

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Elementals are sentient personifications of the arcane elements. Elementals exist as pure energy, and are normally invisible to the naked eye, but they can materialize under their own accord, or be summoned into physical form by a mage. If mana is the fuel for spells, elementals are the engines. Behind the scenes of magic, elementals are what actually make a spell happen. They are eternally bound to this role, and while some may despise the constraint, they are compelled to do it nonetheless.

There are five tiers of elementals: Least, Lesser, Greater, Major, Arch. Elementals of the lowest tier are small and quirky. They like to appear as roughly humanoid. Elementals of the highest tier are enormous, majestic, and often manifest as wingless, bearded, serpantine dragons.

This is a air spell Air
Sylphs. Nimble and graceful. All sylphs are airborne. They either bear gossamer wings or can float. Smaller sylphs can alight, but never on the ground.
This is a dark spell Dark
Infernals. Diabolical and avaricious. Many infernals are adorned with a set of membranous bat-like wings. Many also bear horns of varying sizes and shapes and some have a reptilian tail.
This is a earth spell Earth
Gnomes. Stubborn and tough. Gnomes are jovial and keep busy. They might appear as burrowing creatures or small fellows with pointed hats.
This is a electricity spell Electricity
Sprites. Energetic and speedy. They speak fast and think faster. Sprites are often yellow in appearance. Drawing close to one would make your hair stand on end. Arch-elemental sprites are thought to incite thunderstorms.
This is a fire spell Fire
Salamanders. Rash and passionate. The salamanders are hot to the touch and short-tempered. Most of them have amphibian fingers and tails, like a newt. They're generally red or orange.
This is a ice spell Ice
Nix. Aloof and callous. The nix are cold to the touch; nearly always blue or white. Freak snowstorms are assumed to be their doing.
This is a light spell Light
Supernals. Righteous and brave. Many supernals appear as physically strong, luminescent humanoids and adorned with a pair of majestic, feathery wings. Very often they have long, flowing hair.
This is a metal spell Metal
Gremlins. Clever and ornery. They're likely to either fix something metal that's broken, or take apart something that's whole just to see how it works. They like objects related to tinkering: optics, tools, and the like. They're scaly and seem to have a lot of pockets.
This is a ruin spell Ruin
Boggles. Mischievous and destructive. Messes, disorder, and chaos are their stock-in-trade: spoiled milk, missing objects, and sickened household pets. Boggles tend to have an insect appearance. Lesser boggles very closely resemble locusts. They hate music.
This is a slime spell Slime
Blobs. Distasteful and lazy. The blobs ooze their way around with repulsive comments and a corrosive touch. Many are amorphous and some translucent. The brighter the color, the more dangerous the blob.
This is a verdance spell Verdance
Dryads. Uplifting and nurturing. Dryads tend to be associated with lush forests and gardens. They love to sing and delight in new romance and the laughter of young children.
This is a water spell Water
Undines. Playful and enchanting. Undines inhabit bodies of water from fountains to the sea. More than one sailor has met death in an attempt to catch one. Some bear fish scales, few have clothes.