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The jungles of Jerothden were like soup; thick, damp, and hot. Drinnin hacked through the brush with a crude blade, blazing a trail for his weary companions. They staggered forward, drenched in sweat and gasping for air. He whistled an upbeat melody as he plowed onward like a team of oxen.

Endurance is basically how tough a character is.

There is a big difference between being strong and being fit. A muscular person who is not fit could lift something very heavy, but will tire easily and could not run a marathon. Meanwhile, someone who does not look very strong, but is fit, could keep on running long after the unfit person has become exhausted.

This attribute comes into play by reducing the amount of damage sustained in combat, and when testing to see if one can continue doing something strenuous like treading water or holding one's breath. It can also be a measure of one's pain threshold.

A character with a poor Endurance score is a delicate flower who tires easily, is constantly sick, and always gets nauseated on carnival rides. A character with a good Endurance score has an iron stomach, a high tolerance for pain, and an active immune system.

Some examples of highly endurant people include soccer players, masochists, and Atlas.