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Legend holds that the evengar (singular: evengar, adjectival: evengaran) were hewn from mountain stone by Krendar the Defender. Utilizing their innate connection with earth and rock, they carved out two massive city-states from under and above the mountains, Thoindyn and Disdarban, which remain to this day. Like the stone from which they were made, evengar are stubborn, resolute, persistent, and steadfast.


The evengar are marked by stout bodies and tough skin which they tout as being leftovers from their beginnings as solid rock. Their hands and feet resemble the paws of burrowing mammals, with leathery pads, and long, tough claws. Most famously, evengar are hairier than the other races, with hair that's course and bristly like badger fur, usually in black, brown, or red. Evengar have especially thick patches of hair on top of their hands, feet, forearms, and shoulders. They have thick eyebrows, copious body hair, and males grow a short, bushy beard. Their eyes are typically small and colored brown, and their noses are flat and round. In addition, they have pointier teeth than humans. An evengar begins maturing around 20 years of age and is considered an adult by the time he reaches 30. They live for several human lifetimes; many evengar reach the age of 200, but some have lived as long as 300 years.


Evengar are generally shorter than humans; they tend to stand between 4′ and 5′ tall. Despite their height, they're naturally muscular , and weigh in around 150 to 200 pounds. Their Size score is 0.


Evengar can be found wearing tunics made of leather or sturdy cloth. Women sometimes wear dresses. Adventurers are found in chain mail or heavy armor under a surcoat. Evengar will adorn themselves with bracelets, rings, amulets, and earrings crafted of the fine rocks and metals that they mine. They don't wear shoes as their feet are tough enough to withstand the most rugged terrain.


As mentioned above, evengar are stubborn and resolute, but also loyal and persistent. They are famously known as a warrior race, concerned with bravery, honor, and glory in battle. Evengar value friendships and family, but are cautious and suspicious around strangers. They can be quick to anger and slow to forgiveness. Evengar are boastful and proud, but rarely lie, and all evengar can point out another's good points along with the bad (in fact, many evengar make it a practice to give an insult along with a compliment). Evengar are not often scholarly or headsmart, but they are often very brave and patient.


There are two massive subterranean evengaran city-states, Disdarban and Thoindyn. Many evengar make their homes here among the ancient halls of stone. Other evengar take up residence on the surface in well-crafted homes in the mountains or hills. Still others leave their homeland to live throughout the world alongside other races.

Evengar homes are usually entirely carved out of rock and earth. Those on the surface are usually built into the side of a cliff or surrounded by a group of boulders. Humans describe surface evengar homes as extremely well-made but a little uncomfortable, and they regard the evengaran homeland as awe inspiring and majestic.


Given their preferred habitat of on top of the mountains or under them, evengar do not usually perform much farming. Instead, they are known to relish the cheese and meat of mountain goats, as well as things they can grow in the ground: potatoes, carrots, radishes, and the like. The evengar are famously known to craft dishes using subterranean insects and worms; they take pride that their very diet makes "cowardly races" ill at the sight. The evengar are excellent brewers and distillers, renowned for their tasty ales and spirits.


The eldest of their race earn seats on the Council of Stone: the advisors to the king and a legislature with limited powers. Ultimately, evengar are led by the Evengar King, currently Khimzal the Brave, who takes up residence in Disdarban. Evengar maintain a deep-rooted code of honor and deal out harsh criminal punishment to those who sully their family name with dishonor.

The evengar celebrate births by presenting the child at a feast held in a massive stone hall. They regard the coming of a child as something the Immortals have mined from eternity. Evengar mate for life and have a strong sense of familial loyalty. They celebrate marriages with gifts to the happy couple in the form of weapons, jewelry, and other things their friends and family have crafted by hand. Evengar see death as a natural occurrence, and embrace it with reverence as a chance to reunite with the stone from which they came. Evengaran funerals are respectful occasions where the deceased is entombed in a family crypt of stone.


The Evengaran language is harsh and intimidating. Their writing system uses runic characters which represent consonant–vowel pairs. The language has a simple but strict grammar. Other races who travel or trade tend to pick up a little Evengaran.


Evengar get along well with humans and relate to the firnoy's enjoyment of good food and drink. Evengar mostly see vidari as flighty and fragile. They regard the apsarava as vulgar and without inhibition. It's been many centuries since the evengar and apsarava were in open war, but the former are always itching for a good fight. They find the shou and the kulgeris to be formidable opponents or allies, and greatly respect the strength and battle prowess of both races. They respect the wisdom, patience, and work ethic of maghashi, but think they're a bit cowardly. As for jurens, evengar find their unbending pacifism to be laughable, but they know not to pick a fight with one.


Dig, build, and carve: these are the most frequent skills an evengar possesses. Many evengar belong to a working or merchant class. Great occupations for an evengar would include engineer, sculptor, smith, jeweler, or miner. Other jobs an evengar might consider include brewer, bodyguard, or guide.


Evengar are combative adepts and make great warriors or even earth mages. They tend to fight with the tools of their trade: hammers, picks, axes, or their bare claws. Evengar are relentless in battle, relying on bravery and durability to crush their enemies. They wait for the right moment and then give it all they have. To die a glorious death in the tide of war would honor your family name for eons to come.


Excellent motivations for an evengar would include creating a magnum opus (their life's work), studying under a great artist or artisan, finding distant family, or simply protecting the ones closest to them.

Max Caps


  • Tunnel Vision – Evengar have developed sight in pitch darkness after generations of mining underground. They can see perfectly well even in the absence of light.
  • Landscapers – Evengar have clawed hands useful for digging: they receive a +1 bonus on Might checks to dig with their bare hands. They also can use these claws as a weapon. Evengar Claws cause 2 Harm, take 3 AP, and use the Hand-to-hand skill.
  • Well Grounded – Evengar have a connection to the earth — literally. Their tough feet, paw pads, and claws allow them to traverse difficult terrain at their normal speed; they are immune to the hampered condition if caused by terrain.

Origin Powers. Choose one of the following.

  • Dungeon Delvers – It's a piece of cake for an evengar to find their way out of an underground dwelling. They receive a +2 bonus on Search to navigate when underground.
  • Highlanders – Life is tough up in the mountains and they work hard at it. Evengar receive a +2 bonus on Stamina to resist exhaustion.

Societal Powers. Choose one of the following.

  • Crafty – When evengar feel their creative itch, and they sit down to create or repair an object (be it a sculpture, a weapon, a piece of jewelry, or something similar), they receive a +2 bonus on the Craft check.
  • Moral Compass – Evengar place their honor above most everything and keep their impulses in check. They receive a +2 bonus to Virtue. "Nah, I'm good."
  • Warrior Race – Yes, it is a very good day to die. Evengar are ready to go in guns blazing. They receive a +1 bonus to Intimidate and Taunt.