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Fate is the force that guides all life, whether it's counted as favor or disfavor of the gods, good or rotten luck, mere chance, or a destiny predetermined by a prophecy. Whatever the case may be, each individual has a knack for escaping or not escaping dangerous situations. Dice rolls in general, the cornerstone of role-playing games, are a question of Fate.

Characters begin the game with 3 Fate Points, and may never have more than 5 Fate Points at any time.

You can use a Fate Point to allow any one of the following:


You can use a Fate Point to re-roll a failed roll once (though the GM may allow re-roll after re-roll costing point after point of Fate, we suggest just limiting it to one re-roll), or force another character or enemy to re-roll the dice (Fate has saved your neck, so to speak, by a hair's width).


You can use a Fate Point to attempt an act of bravado and heroism in game. Using a Fate Point in this manner gives the character a +10 bonus on any roll before you roll it, or you can use a Fate point to add a +5 after you roll it. This reflects the character's ability to use strength and courage to overcome a dramatic situation.

Health Points into Magic Points

Magic-users may call upon their Fate when MP are spent. Spending a Fate Point allows the spellcaster to use her body as fuel, exchanging 5 Health Points where 1 MP would be due (this is described further on in the chapter on Magic).