Floodwaltzer Armor

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The Floodwaltzer Armor was a relic of immense magical power dating back hundreds of years. It possessed a strong sentience, as the soul contained within it was potent indeed. It completely dominated the minds of any who donned it and constantly desired stronger hosts.

During the days preceding the Armor's destruction, it is known to have possessed Dashkell Floodwaltzer, a merchant swordsman from the City of Brass, Pyridon Floodwaltzer, an Auslander refugee, and very nearly Kharza Delarmgo, who sundered it rather than be consumed.

It could be summoned at a word to fly towards its host to assemble itself on his or her body. The armor itself was made from raw, hardened magic and Tenebran Steel. It was perhaps the most valued suit of plate mail ever to have existed, and one of the most potent magical foci, as well. It was destroyed completely when Lord Pierce used it to try to attain godhood on the pinnacle of Spire.