Gear Golems

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Tireless, sentient mechanical constructs designed for war, assistance, protection, or pleasure.






Gyr Golems are found most often in cities with a tendency towards industry: Kadwal, Vast, or Cydonya, mostly.

Max Caps


  • Fabricated: As fabricated creatures, Trowls are immune to bleed damage, poisons, paralysis, diseases, Knockout, and death effects. Trowls do not eat, breathe, or sleep, and cannot be Petrified. Also, Trowls cannot heal. They must be repaired to regain lost HP. This works just like a Healing check, except the Machinery skill is used, as the mechanic hammers out the defects.
  • Lock, Stock and Logical: A Gear Golem makes one roll for initiative at the beginning of each session, which lasts all session. If multiple combats are encountered, the player still uses that initiative, regardless. On the flip side, Gear Golems react poorly to change or chaos. In their mind, everything is ordered. When a Gear Golem becomes surprised, it will go dead last until the end of the encounter.
  • Presets: A Gear Golem must have three preset actions. That is, three actions that always result when a particular catalyst takes place. Of these three, at least one should be fairly common such as when someone draws a weapon the Gyr Golem will then cast a particular spell, or draw its own weapon of choice. Or possibly, it will never enter a house until it is invited in. Something of this nature should suffice.

An nonliving, moving object. Many fabrications are programmed with responses to certain stimuli. Immune to bleed damage, poisons, paralysis, diseases, Knockout, and death effects. Does not eat, breathe, or sleep. Fabrications which are made out of rock cannot be Petrified. Do not naturally heal damage, but can be repaired. Some fabrications cannot regenerate MP naturally, but many have a pool of MP "installed" at their creation. This pool may or may not be rechargeable. If the fabrication has an Intellect of 1, it automatically passes Mind Control, Sanity, Guts, and Virtue checks. Also, its disposition cannot be affected.