Gift of Nature

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Supernatural Trump

Expoint Cost: 1–6

You have been blessed with the Boon of Nature: an animalistic or plantlike feature or attribute. You might begin to sprout horns ideal for head area armor or thrashing enemies, grow wings to fly from dangerous situations, develop slimy skin like a toad, or a tail that helps to balance like a cat. Perhaps you are gifted with photosynthesis and no longer need to eat. The exact points value and effects are left up to the GM. The Gift may be given at birth or a character may receive it in the course of his life. The Gift reflects an unusual potential or destiny and is seen in many omens and prophecies.

The points cost of the Gift determines its usefulness in game: if a player opts for eagle's talons to be used in combat, and works with the GM to determine this as a 3 point Gift, the character would receive a +3 bonus to hand to hand damage. If the player asked for frog legs as a 6 point Gift, he or she would receive +6 to Gymnastics (for jumping) or Dodge, or +3 to both.

Incompatible with

Aura of Decay and Chaos Knight