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Social Fault

Expoint Bonus: 3

While it may sound like a Trump, this Fault represents the unpleasant side of celebrity. Perhaps you're some sort of icon, good looking, suave, or debonair. Whatever the cause, you attract exactly the wrong sort of attention of many members of the opposite sex. Wherever you go, desperate, lovesick fans will fill the streets to beg for an autograph or a moment of "personal time." (you may be subject to Listen and Spot penalties as you're blinded and deafened by the hordes of your fans). You may be tempted to use your magnetism over them, but you will undoubtedly find yourself the target of widespread jealousy, angry spouses, jilted lovers, vengeful families, and psychotic stalkers. You can hardly ever "lay low" (you take a −2 to Disguise), are always being held up, and the tabloids of the day will line their pockets at your expense.

Incompatible with

Most Deformities, Prehistoric, Shady, Stinky, Unappealing, Unarmed, and Unremarkable.