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It is believed the balance of the calendar was created by Vecia, the immortal of time and fate. This calendar was gifted to the race of dragons at the time of world birth. Since this time, the calendar has been passed around as common knowledge and preserved.

It takes exactly 364 days for the world of Halestia to revolve around its nearest star, Asv. The calendar consists of 12 months, each containing 30 days. The months are named for one of the 12 elements which is characteristically associated with the weather or activities during that time of year. Every month contains 5 weeks of 6 days. Seasons last for three months, after which, either an equinox or solstice is observed on a single day outside of any month. Many cultures observe festivals and holidays on these days. Thus, the days of the year fall into 4 seasons separated by the four solar events.

  1. Ice – So named for widespread cold temperatures
  2. Air – So named for heavy winds
  3. Water – So named for heavy rainfall and thawing snow
Vernal equinox
Equal day and night
  1. Slime – So named for mud after rain
  2. Verdance – So named for new growth among plants
  3. Light – So named for lengthening daylight
Summer solstice
Longest day
  1. Fire – So named for widespread hot temperatures
  2. Earth – So named for active farm work
  3. Electricity – So named for late-summer thunderstorms
Autumnal equinox
Equal day and night
  1. Metal – So named for harvest tools
  2. Ruin – So named for death amongst plants
  3. Dark – So named for shortening daylight
Winter solstice
Shortest day