Harden/Soften Earth

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This spell has a mutative essence
This is a earth spell
Rarity 1
AP 4
Target Earth
Distance Near
Lasts N/A

The mage wills a mass of earth, whether solid rock or gooey mud to either soften or harden respectively. When softened, the earth has the consistency of watery mud, which is extremely slippery. If the mage hardens soft earth with creatures inside, they'll be trapped but not crushed. If entirely submerged, they'll suffocate. The type of material that can be liquefied or solidified depends on Intensity. The area that can be affected is 10 foot radius and 1 foot depth per school rank (so a mage with 5 ranks could melt a 50 foot radius that is 5 feet deep).

Intensity Effects

  1. The mage can turn mud to sand or dirt and vice versa
  2. The mage can turn mud to shale and vice versa
  3. The mage can turn mud to hard stone and vice versa
  4. The mage can turn mud to granite and vice versa
  5. The mage can turn mud to crystal and vice versa