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Typically used with: Intellect.

In short: play doctor. While anyone can swing a sword, throw a punch, or just mess folks up in general, it takes someone with a lot of know-how to stitch a guy back together proper again. Medicine and healing lore spans across several occupations such as herbalist, surgeon, doctor, nurse, medic, mage, alchemist, etc. In addition to referencing general medical knowledge, the Healing skill can be used as part of a skill check to help a wounded ally regain health during rest, attempt to heal a disease, or negate the effects of poison.


The DL for a Healing check is dependent on the task at hand.

When a character wants to heal another overnight, the DL is 10. For every point of success, the character being healed receives one HP beyond the amount he or she would normally heal. Only one character can be healed in this manner per night.

When a character wants to heal another of a bleeding wound, the DL is 10. For every point of success, one point of bleeding damage is removed. Healing a bleeding wound takes 6 AP.

A character may make a Healing check against a DL of 5 in an attempt to heal themselves or another person of Knockout penalties. For each 5 points of success (e.g. on a roll of 10, 15, 20, etc.), the attended character moves up the Knockout Track one stage. The attending character can attempt to negate Knockout penalties once a day per target.

Even curing disease or poison is no problem for a Healer. If a character has failed a save against a disease or poison, an ally can make a Healing check instead of the character's save. If successful, this works just as if the character had rolled a successful save. Each disease or poison lists the DL for success. Curing a disease or a poison takes 6 AP.

A healer can use a Healing Kit for assistance with the check. Each usage of a Healing Kit grants a +4 bonus to the check, and a Healing Kit can be used in this manner 5 times.