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Phineas sat in the solar of his manor house with an old friend. They watched a fire crack and pop in the hearth as they exchanged stories. A servant ferried two goblets of wine over to Phineas and his guest. As he was about to enjoy his first sip, Phineas noted an unusual look in his friend's eyes. He tossed the assuredly poisoned goblet aside and withdrew his dagger.

This attribute is essentially a mix of wisdom, experience, foresight, and empathy.

A character who can do complex calculations in their head may not have the chops to tell when someone is lying to them. Where Intellect is book smarts, Insight is street smarts.

Insight helps characters understand what others are feeling, planning, or trying to communicate. It also lets characters call on their vast stores of knowledge.

A character with a poor Insight score is a naïve, dense, gullible sap, and is the first in line for a fraud's snake oil. A character with a good Insight score is a fountainhead of wisdom, able to read others like books, and is always the first person friends call for advice.

Among Insightful people are numbered bartenders, diplomats, psychologists, and Odin.