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Beneath the light of a brass oil lamp, Lioraine pored over ancient tomes in the vaults of the Congress Arcanum. She had worked through the night, meticulously recording formulae and deductions on sheets of parchment. Finally, Lioraine set down her quill and beamed. The secrets of an ancient ritual were now hers to command.

Intellect is a character's raw brain power.

Call it IQ, learning curve, or smarts, an intellectual character has an easier time remembering information, thinking in abstract ways, analyzing data, learning new things, and solving puzzles or mysteries.

Intellect is used to tinker with machinery, perform surgery, and create works of art.

A character with a poor Intellect score is a buffoon for whom learning and problem solving is impossible, and who rarely gets a punchline. A character with a high Intellect score is possessed of an active mind which analyzes situations and information with frightening speed.

Some examples of highly intellectual people include detectives, scientists, artists, and Merlin.