List of animals

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Name Cost
Riding Horse 400𝕀
Working horse 40𝕀
Warhorse 2,000𝕀
Donkey 40𝕀
Ox 45𝕀
Cow 35𝕀
Pig 8𝕀
Sheep 6𝕀
Goat 4𝕀
Chicken 50Β’
Leather Barding 700𝕀
Steel Barding 2,000𝕀
War Barding 10,000𝕀
  • Riding Horse – Horses serve as excellent transportation and beasts of burden. However, most horses do not fare well in the chaos of combat. Riding horses require their riders to make an Animal Control check (2 AP) against a DL of 12 for each round of combat to keep the horse from throwing its rider and running away. If the check is failed, the rider takes the difference as damage.
  • Working Horse – Unlike their brethren who are fleet of foot, working horses are bred to pull a load, such as for farming, or by drawing a cart.
  • Warhorse – Warhorses are trained in the arts of warfare and do not require their riders to make checks to avoid being thrown simply because they are in combat.
  • Donkey – Donkeys and mules are perfect beasts for hauling heavy gear or awkward tools, or for pulling heavy objects in a harness. Donkeys make poor mounts for combat purposes and will always throw their rider and run away if confronted with hostile forces.
  • Ox – Typically a castrated bull, bred as a hardworking animal. They're great at both plowing and transport, but they're not meant to bear a rider.
  • Cow – Your standard domesticated cattle. Different breeds may be better suited either as livestock or as dairy animals.
  • Pig – The end result of centuries of domesticating wild boars. Renowned for its meat and hide.
  • Sheep – This herd animal is favored for its meat, fur, and milk.
  • Goat – Closely related to the sheep, but with a cool beard. Also favored for its meat, fur, and milk.
  • Chicken – Domesticated fowl. They're widely used for their meat and eggs. Some regions also favor their feathers.

Availability of these animals depends on the geographic region. For instance, camels are more prevalent in the desert nation of Quensid than horses. The grasslands of The Veldt have far more bison than oxen. When appropriate, use the price listed for a similar animal.