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This spell has a dynamic essence
This is a verdance spell
Rarity 3
AP 4
Target Area
Distance Near
Lasts Permanent

The mage flexes her green thumb and makes a single plant's growth surge rapidly out of control. The exponential growth results in any useful object that can be constructed from plant matter: a broom, a ladder, a battering ram, a spear, a canoe, a cage. The object is completely functional and presents as an intricate tangle of vines, branches, logs, and planks. The mage can only incite such growth from a single living plant, whether it's rooted in the ground or planted in a pot. The effects of this spell consume the plant. The Intensity of the spell determines the size of the produced object.

Intensity Effects

  1. Size −2 and below. A basket, a mallet, a bucket.
  2. Size 0 and below. A coffee table, a chest, a wheelbarrow.
  3. Size 2 and below. An empty ale cask, a two-wheeled cart, a king-sized sleigh bed.
  4. Size 4 and below. A merchant booth, a gallows platform, a carriage.
  5. Size 6 and below. A cabin, a siege weapon, a bridge.