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Social Trump

Expoint Cost: 1–5

You have a powerful and reliable ally in the one who served as your tutor or trainer. After all your years of apprenticeship and tutelage, you have become respectable in your own right in a chosen art, craft or skill, but your mentor is someone to whom you can defer in times of need or responsibility. The mentor is mainly a source of guidance and wisdom but may also take a more active role in assisting you. Like Allies, a Mentor cares for you, and like Contacts, a Mentor has specific knowledge and skill. A low point value means that your mentor is either on your same wavelength in terms of power or not far above. The mentor will not be able to help much with matters of tremendous importance or is limited in some way. A high point value reflects that your mentor is the master of a domain. They are wise, powerful, and influential and you possess a powerful ally in them. Work with your GM to determine the details of your Mentor, and then paint the fence.