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Skorna gripped her battle axe and sneered at the enormous bear in front of her. The beast roared as it stood on its hind legs, towering over her. Skorna couldn't help but smile as she lunged towards the mountain of teeth and fur and buried her weapon in its flank.

This attribute represents a character's raw strength and power.

This affects how much damage is inflicted in combat and helps with tasks of brute force. Pull yourself up from a ledge, hold a door shut against intruders, lift a boulder above your head, or crush your opponents' skulls like little tin cans.

A strong character need not have giant, rippling muscles. One could have above-average strength thanks to genetic experimentation, cybernetic implants, or supernatural powers. A pig-tailed nine-year-old with a Muscle of 8 is a perfectly acceptable and interesting character concept.

A character with a poor Muscle score is a wimp, barely able to carry a backpack, and always needs others to open the pickle jar.

A character with a good Muscle score is a powerhouse: capable of untold feats of strength.

Some examples of muscular people include weightlifters, furniture movers, and Hercules.