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Physical Fault

Expoint Bonus: 10

Your vocal chords are absent or nonfunctional, and verbal communication is impossible for you. Special sign languages are your only possibility for detailed communication with most beings, although mind magic or divination may aid you. You automatically fail skill checks which require speech (though if pantomime or writing will suffice, the check may still be attempted in that way) and you may not attempt to use diplomacy to end hostilities (you may still Intimidate and Taunt, however). The player must learn to communicate with other PCs nonverbally, which is a real challenge. Like Blind and Deaf, only gamers who really intend to role-play this Fault thoroughly should consider creating a Mute character.

Incompatible with

Everybody's Best Friend, Inspirational, Oh Snap!, Silver Tongue, Speech Impediment, Spellsong, and With Me!.