Natural Disaster

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This spell has a dynamic essence
This is a air ritual
This is a earth ritual
This is a electricity ritual
This is a fire ritual
This is a ice ritual
This is a water ritual
Target Area
Ritual Points 300
RequirementsCooperation, Sacrifice, Mana, Wealth
OppositionsCannot be performed in a month named after the opposing element

This ritual unleashes the fury of nature. Raw, destructive forces of the natural world gather rapidly and activate violently in a manner in keeping with the element involved. Air releases a swirling tornado, earth incites an brutal earthquake or a landslide, electricity summons a fierce lightning storm, fire ignites explosively with wildfires or volcanic eruption, ice forms a devastating blizzard, water delivers unstoppable flooding. Regardless of the means of destruction, an area of 10 miles in diameter is left in shambles.

In all cases, buildings will be razed, burned, or torn apart. A great deal of life will be lost.

Those performing the ritual can choose the epicenter of the disaster, and must be located within 20 miles of the chosen place while doing so.

This is one of the oldest rituals known, created by the Immortals themselves. To learn of its secrets would be a challenging quest indeed.