Nauseating Breeze

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This spell has a stygian essence
This is a air spell
Rarity 3
AP 4
Target Area
Distance Medium
Lasts One round per rank

The mage summons an area of rotten, horrid smells which sicken those unfortunate enough to step inside the bounds of the stench. Anyone inside the area of the spell (5 feet radius per level of Intensity) are unable to take any action besides retch and take a penalty to all checks.

Intensity Effects

  1. Queasy, moves one step down the Knockout Track
  2. Nauseated, moves two steps down the Knockout Track
  3. Vomiting Sporadically, moves three steps down the Knockout Track
  4. Vomiting Profusely, moves four steps down the Knockout Track
  5. Fetal Position, collapses on the ground in a nauseated heap