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Mental Fault

Expoint Bonus: 5

You are plagued by horrendous nightmares during sleep. You must make a Sanity roll at Difficulty 15 for each night you sleep. Failure indicates that you were unable to rest that night and spend the next day encumbered and exhausted until you can take the time to rest. While in this condition you are essentially carrying the weight of your fatigue: you take a −2 to perform any physical activity, and a −2 on Guts, Lucidity, and Mind Control. This penalty lasts until you can rest for a night undisturbed, and will increase by 2 every restless night. After long periods of time, these dreams can take a serious toll on your physical and mental health. If you begin to fail large amounts of consecutive rolls, the GM might give you a mental illness, a physical disability, or a reduction in stats. Not all is lost for those plagued by nightmares, because nightly, bizarre, mental torture grants a +2 on Clairvoyance, as you're more receptive to the supernatural.

Incompatible with

Compos Mentis and Sleep Control: Sleepless