Nocturne Inn

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The Nocturne Inn sits in the middle of a dense section of the Blue Wood , but not far from the Blue Wood Road, which runs from Sollona to Konoho. The area is perpetually plagued by wolves and bears, but the Inn's groundskeeper Cassel has managed to tame and keep a few of the wolves for the Inn. The Inn itself is a large 2 story building in the shape of an "L", with a separate stable. The structure is made from stone and has several chimneys. The second level overhangs the first on the outer perimeter and a long porch wraps around the front and one side of the building.


Nocturne Inn is set just outside the confines of the curse which was placed on Moon ages ago, and so is a popular destination for travellers just leaving Moon. The Inn is very old and has been rebuilt or expanded numerous times. The current proprietor, Alden Lapin, has owned the place for all of recent memory. The Inn has been attacked several times in the past, but the notorious patrons which frequent the place are very devoted to keeping their favorite drinking hole safe from harm. The Inn is also home to a "zero tolerance" policy on fighting, employing a small band of Trowl bouncers to keep order, and so is a favored neutral ground for those wishing to get away from trouble.


Notable Patrons